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> November 7 - Quito -Ecuador

> November 8 - Barranquilla Colombia

> December 3 - Cancun QR, Mexico

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Interview in the Dominican Republic
Read the interview with CCS published in the Dominican magazine Estilos.
Questions and answers that reveal the author’s philosophy. (spanish)

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Listen to the 7 compact discs that make up the collection of conferences by CCS, in audio format.

You can hear excerpts from these recordings, and you will greatly benefit from the material that has had such great success, because of the powerful messages that CCS delivers.

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Now you can read the first chapters of the works of CCS here on this website.

Go to this link, and choose between the various titles available. You can read the first few pages, and get a glimpse of the content of the titles that have been huge bestsellers throughout the world.

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